MindZest’s Mission

Our aim is to provide young people with techniques to enable them to become resilient, confident and positive, free from anxiety and stress so that they can reach their full potential.


MindZest’s Beliefs

  1. You Are Amazing There is only one of you and you are unique.  You have your own talents, strengths and abilities that will make you successful in your own way.
  2. You Can Be Free.  If you feel that you are trapped by negative emotions, we are going to give you techniques and ideas so that you can break free of those emotions and be free to be who you really are without any emotional constraints.
  3. You Can Dream.  Those who achieve great things, dream big.  And dreaming isn’t limited to one type of person.  You can dream big, move past fears and doubts and reach your potential.
  4. You Have The Power Within You.  If we want to direct your life in the direction that you want, then you can.  You are not a result of external forces, of set behaviours or spiralling emotions.  You have the power to control your mind and to stop external forces impacting on you.  Using our techniques, ideas and tools, you can realise and release your inner power.

Who’s Behind MindZest?

MindZest is the brain child of Janette Bowhay, who was inspired through her work with young people.

Over 14 years, Janette has worked with teenagers as a secondary school teacher and through  working as a volunteer with the Youth Offending Team.   In these roles, she saw many teenagers with confidence issues, anxiety problems and overwhelmed with pressure.  After some research, she found out that there was a lack of resources for teenagers to enable them to become resilient and empowered to manage with everything that life has to throw at them.

Through her own children, she also discovered the frustration of trying to access support and help for young people.

It was this combination of personal experiences and working with teenagers, that she decided to create practical resources and techniques that are accessible for all.  So, she trained in NLP, mindfulness and positive psychology to create this unique range of resources and techniques, to improve young people’s lives.

And so MindZest was created.


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