Hi, I'm Janette

Authentic Self-Transformation Coach who reconnects mums to the powerful woman within so they and their children can have happier and more fulfilling lives.

I’m a mum of 8 children who is passionate about empowering, energising and equipping mums so that they can become more confident, happier, calmer, positive and resilient in themselves and their parenting.

I Felt Like a Complete Failure

I wasn’t always the strong, calm parent I am now.

As a teenager, I experienced depression and anxiety. That teenager turned into a woman and parent, and although my mental health was a lot better, I often still felt overwhelmed by stress and still had days that I struggled on.

My mental health declined at the same time as my marriage declined.  My alcoholic husband became more abusive and narcissitic, leaving me feeling worthless and suicidal.  It took both police and social service intervention to stop the abuse and my marriage, but I was left feeling a shadow of my former self. 

Then one day something happened that knocked me for six.

I found out that my teenage daughter was struggling with her mental health.

I felt like a complete failure.

I hadn’t spotted the warning signs. I told myself that as a teacher and ‘should’ have seen them. I spent nights awake worrying and stressing about how I could help her, and I felt alone in my thoughts of my daughter going through the same as me and that paralysed me.

It was the first time I realised how much my mindset and emotional well-being was impacting my children’s.

The last thing that I wanted was for my daughter to go through the same.


I Had to Break the Cycle.

On the outside, I was staying strong and was managing work, home and the children, but on the inside I was a mess of worries, shame and helplessness.

I realised that I needed to help myself cope better if I was to help her.

She needed me to be strong to hold her up, so I had to make changes. I needed to reframe my mind to improve my life and my family’s.

Through coaches, personal self-development and training in a range of techniques, I began my transformation. I began to love myself, to be confident in my decision making, to manage worries and stresses that would usually keep me up all night, to cope with the ups and downs of life and feel a deeper inner peace. I felt happier and in control. Healing and caring for myself, meant that I was in a better place to help my daughter.

It wasn’t always easy. There were days when I felt overwhelmed by the pressures around me or I felt the black clouds on the edge of my mind. But, implementing the techniques that I had learnt enabled me to overcome these rather than sink downwards.

After years of putting on a mask, I felt free to manage my mental health, manage problems and worries as they came up, and feeling calm, confident and in control.

Now my daughter is an adult, studying at University and in a stable relationship.  She has blossomed into the young woman I hoped she would be.

Working on myself was the best thing that I could have done for my family and myself.

Now, I help other mums to be able to manage the stresses, frustration and worries of life, so that they can feel like a stronger more capable parent, enjoy life and see that positive ripple of change on their children and families too.

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