I know who you are

You’re a mum.  You’re trying to juggle so much.  You often feel tired, overwhelmed, and stressed.  You are trying your best, but you often feel that it’s not good enough.  You question and doubt yourself, yet you keep on going.

As a parent, you feel a mixture of emotions from positive and happy, to worried and frustrated. 

You want to feel less stressed.  You want to fully enjoy life.  You want to feel more empowered and confident.  You want to be the best mum that you can be.   You want your children to have a calm, unstressed and empowered parent.  You want your family to be full of love.

But, do you know …

It starts with you.  The more you love yourself, take care of yourself and believe in yourself, the more that this cascades down to your family, increasing your family’s happiness.

Equally, when you are frustrated, angry, and exhausted, these emotions come out in the way that you connect with others.  You may find that you lose your patience with your family, are too overwhelmed to give them the attention that you want to, or aren’t enjoying spending time together.

It starts with you.  The more aligned you are to yourself, the more you can give to others and the more that your children can learn from your example.

But, it’s not easy to make changes when there’s so much going on in your life.

And I understand that because, as a mum of 8 children, I have felt the same emotions that you do.  I know how challenging it can feel to juggle many balls and feel as though none of them are going as well as you would like.  I know that you want to be the best mum that you can be, but that you also want a deep inner peace and happiness. 

The good news is…

I not only understand, but I can help you to be less stressed, less overwhelmed and less frustrated, so that you can be the mum that you want to be, which means your family will have the mum that they deserve.

Hello, I'm Janette​

I am a mum of 8 children – yes you read that right – and so I know how it feels to be a parent. And from the work that I have done with parents, I know that I’m not alone.

Having worked for 15 years with parents, babies, and teenagers, as well as being trained in NLP, mindfulness and positive psychology, I now help parents to find themselves again so that they can be the best parent that they want to be. This leads to parents feeling calmer, empowered, confident, resilient and being happier.

If you are feeling lost and overwhelmed, let me help you to unlock your potential.

Ready for Positive Change?

When you meet a parenting challenge, it is understandable that you look for a solution.  Something to fix the problem.  It might be a book, parenting coach, google or friends.  They will often give you specific advice to solve that issue but, as you may already know, this often doesn’t work.

Why?  Because every family is unique, every child is unique and every issue is unique. 

Simply put, what works for one, may not work for another.  And I know this from my personal experience of having eight children.  They are all individual and need individual approaches.

So rather than giving solutions to common parenting challenges and hoping that one may work, I believe in empowering, energising and equipping you as a person, so that you are able to manage those challenges more effectively.

You may not always feel it, but you are a powerful woman who has the ability to understand her family and their needs. 

You can’t change your child, but you can change yourself and when you do that, the impact if far outreaching.  When you change, it changes your family.

You may not be able to solve the issue with your child, but your inner change will provide them with a more loving, safe and positive environment that is not filled with self-doubt, fear and guilt.

You can’t improve anything when you are full of negative emotions.  You need to be the example that you want your child to be. 

Through my unique combination of practical tools and mindset techniques, you will move from a frustrated, worried, and tired mum to feeling confident, powerful and positive.

Be the woman and mother who you want to be.

How I Can Help You

I believe that everyone has the power within them to change things, but sometimes, we need a bit of help to find that inner power or to give us some guidence along the way.  If you do feel that you want things to change, I can help you. 

I can help you to feel more confident, less worried and less stressed through a range of empowering techniques, that are based on mindfulness, NLP and positive psychology. 

If you want to increase zest for life, reach a greater potential and feel greater happiness…

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