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Releasing Young People's Potential So They Can Thrive

by providing young people with techniques and tools to enable them to become resilient, confident and positive, free from anxiety and stress.

How Can MindZest Help You?

I’m a teenager and

I Want Help With How I'm Feeling

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Transforming Lives

MindZest helps young people to feel more confident, less worried and less stressed through a range of empowering techniques, that are based on mindfulness, NLP and positive psychology. 

By using these techniques, it is possible to increase zest for life, reach a greater potential and feel greater happiness. 

So take a small step and see how MindZest can help.

Quick start techniques

We have a range of quick and easy techniques that can be used every day to increase happiness and confidence, and decreasing stress and anxiety.


Full of tips, techniques, and ideas to help manage emotions, increase self-esteem, cope with daily challenges, and make positive changes in life.


A range of downloadable resources including revision planners, identifying strengths and emotions, increasing happiness, doodle sheets and weekly planners.

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